The first day of school is a momentous occasion, but kids might be nervous. Here are a few steps parents can take to prepare their children for school.

Easing school jitters

A child’s first day of school can be exciting for both parent and child. Parents my wax nostalgic, remember their first day as something magnificent, but forgetting that part of the first day for kids, is “first day jitters.” Since kids don’t know what to expect, it’s best to have MANY conversations with them, as well as cover a few basics before you send your little one off to school for the first time.

Talk About the Schedule

Having to stick to a seemingly rigid schedule might be a lot for a young child who’s never had to do it before, especially for a child who hasn’t been to preschool prior to entering elementary school. Discussing the schedule with your child can help take away some feelings of uncertainty. Begin explaining to your child that school begins and ends each day at specific times, as well as what the activities that are scheduled during the day might look like. In the weeks leading up to school, help your child get into the swing of things by waking them up earlier, and sticking to an earlier bed time. Schedule some activities that will help your child get used to a more structured environment.

Visit the School

Kids who have never been to school don’t know what the inside of a school looks like. Scheduling a visit ahead of time will help your kids become familiar with simple things such as classroom location, transitions between class times, and location of the bathrooms. Arrange with your school district to have you and your child come ahead of time, pointing out the brightly colored classrooms and playground for your child to look forward to. Visiting ahead of time will help your child become accustomed to the idea of leaving to comforts of home and being somewhere else for several hours every day.

Remind Kids You’re Close By

Assure your youngster that you’re just a phone call away. While going to school and becoming independent of you is an important step for your child, some students need the comfort of just knowing that mom is very close by. Your child will become acclimated in no time, and not need this assurance for very long, but for some little ones, just knowing they can call mom if needed is enough to get through the first day jitters without any issues.

Consider Carpooling

Carpooling is a great way to help you and another family out, as well as a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. But sharing a ride with another family might also help your young child with their transition to school. Sometimes the presence of a fellow friend or neighbor who attends the same school helps quell fears of not knowing anyone yet. Kids can spend their mornings talking about their same worries, and very soon will be swapping stories of their great days.

The first day of school conjures up many wonderful memories for adults. But from a kid’s perspective, the first day of school might bring on a little feeling of anxiety. With a few details ironed out before school begins, your new scholar will adjust to his or her new routine in no time.